Transparency of Food Supply Chains Does Pay Off

Food transparency has gained importance in recent years as shoppers are concerned about their health and safety. The anticipated growth of food sales through e-commerce will even increase demand for a larger degree of transparency in the food supply chains, as buyers expect and also reward more information on the products they are choosing.


It is no wonder that consumers now put food origin as the second most important factor (immediately after price) when making purchase decision, since they closely relate it to the quality of a product itself. In fact (as this research project from the EU commissionsuggests) more than 80% of consumers would choose a food product where they can check the origin over a product they are unable to do so if prices were comparable.

At OriginTrail we are delighted and proud to have helped our partners in most important verticals (dairy, meat and packed vegetables) achieve great results through genuine transparency made possible by our system. Celeia Dairy Ltd, Natureta Ltd and Perutnina Ptuj Plc were the first companies from each respective vertical to implement OriginTrail to demonstrate end-to-end transparency to their buyers through various channels (both online and offline). Let me go briefly through their achievements.

Celeia Dairy’ yogurts selected as absolutely the best on the market by consumers

Celeia Dairy’s yogurt produced under the brand Zelene doline and supported by OriginTrail traceability solution was voted as absolutely the best on the market by consumers in the Qudal 2016/2017 market research of the Slovenian market done byICERTIAS – International Certification Association.

When asked to name the producer or supplier of the yogurt that offers absolutely the best quality on the Slovenian market, the majority of consumers who took part in the research named Zelene doline. We are proud to be part of Zelene Doline’s commitment to excellence and empowering local quality food.


Eta Kamnik wins a Special Award for Innovation in the Supply of Local Food thanks to OriginTrail

Eta KamnikNatureta Grunt - OriginTrail farm-to-fork traceability won a Special Award for Innovation in the Supply of Local Food for their Natureta Grunt line supported by Izvor by OriginTrail solution. The Slovenian Most Innovative Food of 2016 Competition was organized by the non-profit research institute Institute for Nutritionism.

The Natureta Grunt* is a line of pre-packaged fresh vegetables from Slovenia that includes various types of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, vegetables for broths and soups etc., which are produced exclusively locally.  With the help of OriginTrail mobile and web application, the consumer has the possibility to verify the origin of all vegetables included in the Grunt packages and trace them back all the way to the farms that grew them.

*Grunt – Slovene colloquial expression for a farm estate


Perutnina Ptuj’s free-range chicken empowered by OriginTrail winning the international markets

Perutnina Ptuj with OriginTrail farm-to-fork meat traceabilityThe free-range chicken from Perutnina Ptuj is winning the hearts of Swiss housewives. Perutnina Ptuj already sells 90% of their free range line to Switzerland and expects a 30% growth in sales in this segment this year.

As David Visenjak, Head of Sales at Perutnina Ptuj, explained, the Swiss retailer Coop contacted them “… because we have been at the top of the world’s production of chicken and turkey meat by quality for many years. Our meat does not contain antibiotics, growth hormones, meat proteins. We produce the animal feed ourselves. For many years, we have been providing our customers with meat traceability information all the way to the farmer or farm where the animals were bred.”

We are excited to be part of one of the most important trends in food industry, that just might transform it in the core. All of our partners have exhibited an unparalleled transparency which has in turn already yielded first results. We plan to deepen our collaboration with retailers to offer our partners even better exposure both in physical stores as well as in e-commerce. The latter will even increase the need to share more information about food with buyers. At OriginTrail we are ready to help food brands to face the challenge!

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