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How Millennials Are Defining the Future of Food Retail

Millennials across the globe are entering their peak spending years. They are also taking over as the biggest generation from the Baby Boomers and are growing in influence at the same time across the globe. And we are not saying that just because we belong to the millennial generation ourselves.

It is a fact corroborated by many different marketing researches across the globe – millennial behaviour is influencing the behaviour of older and younger generations, creating an overarching mindset that is crucially influencing market trends across industries and in food especially. Continue Reading

Shopping for foreign food in China

Why Is China Hungry for Food from Abroad?

Melamin tainted baby formula, gutter oil, 40-year-old frozen meat, rat meat sold as lamb, cat meat sold as rabbit, fake eggs, and various other food scandals have been plaguing the Chinese food industry for years. No wonder the trust in the Chinese food system and its producers is extremely low among the Chinese consumers and those who can, especially the rising Chinese middle class, are increasingly opting for foreign made food products.

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Transparency of Food Supply Chains Does Pay Off

Food transparency has gained importance in recent years as shoppers are concerned about their health and safety. The anticipated growth of food sales through e-commerce will even increase demand for a larger degree of transparency in the food supply chains, as buyers expect and also reward more information on the products they are choosing.

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Buying food online

How to Gain Shoppers Preference in Food Products Online?

It is a fact – winning consumer trust in food industry has never been harder. And it is even more true for selling food products online. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to buying food. They want healthy and quality food and they increasingly want to know, how their food is produced, what the exact ingredients of food products are and where they come from. When you are selling food online, meeting these demands and giving consumers confidence in your product is crucial.

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How to communicate your food products' origin better?

EU Food Quality Schemes and How to Make a Distinction For Your Food Products?

The EU developed quality schemes for food to help protect and promote products with particular characteristics linked to their geographical origin as well as traditional products. They were supposed to work as tools to help highlight the qualities and tradition associated with registered products and to assure consumers that these are the genuine products, not imitations seeking to benefit from the good name and reputation of the original. With the concurrent presupposition that the consumers are willing to pay a significant price premium for such high quality designated products, making quality schemes also an important marketing tool for producers of higher quality food.

But how well are the EU food quality schemes really doing their job?

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OriginTrail in the Finals of the Food+City Challenge Prize

OriginTrail was selected as one of 18 startups to compete in the finals for the international Food+City Challenge Prize 2017 in Austin (TX), USA, on 4 February 2017.

The Food+City Challenge Prize is an international startup competition that encourages innovation in the urban food system. They encourage entrepreneurs from across the globe to create businesses and discover technologies that get healthier food to more people with less waste in a more efficient way.  Finalists compete for a $50,000 purse and a sweet package of products and services.

As part of the competition, OriginTrails also competes for the Food+City Challenge Prize People’s Choice Award – you can show your support for our solution by casting your vote for OriginTrail here.

Zelene Doline Yogurt Supported by Izvor by OriginTrail Voted as Absolutely the Best on the Market by Consumers

Mlekarna Celeia’s yogurt produced under the brand Zelene doline and supported by Izvor by OriginTrail traceability solution was voted as absolutely the best on the market by consumers in the Qudal 2016/2017 market research of the Slovenian market done by ICERTIAS – International Certification Association.

When asked to name the producer or supplier of the yogurt that offers absolutely the best quality on the Slovenian market, the majority of consumers who took part in the research named Zelene doline. We are proud to be part of Zelene Doline’s commitment to excellence and empowering local quality food.

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